company introduction

Unsere langfristigen Beziehungen mit koreanischen Partnern (A-Z)

CJ Cheiljedang is a global food and BIO company that brings health, happiness and convenience to consumers around the world.

CJ Cheiljedang started out manufacturing sugar in 1953 which is a basic food material essential in people’s lives. Since then, CJ CheilJedang has been for over a half century expanding the business fields it works in to include processed food, animal feed, bioscience and pharmaceutical products.

Vision: Create the value of nature, Enrich the world

Mission: Deliver healthy, nutritional, tasty and economical value with advanced technology and solution

Slogan: Be a Pioneer, Do unlimited challenge


We consider today and innovate tomorrow to leap to the leading company.

Daesang Corpotation was established in 1956 with pure domestic capital and technology, and puts efforts to practice the vision of Daesang, a company where creates happy future with healthy food culture, for 60 years as the world’s top 3 fermentation exclusive company and the best general food company in Korea.

Share value and vision: The entire activities of Daesang Corporation start from the value creation for customers. ‚Share value‘ is the basic ideology of teh managerial activities understood, shared and practiced by the entire executives and employees of Daesang, and it represents the will to be responsible as a company where contributes to the development of the society and the country.

Nongshim Co., LTD.

Vision: To contribute to the better life with better products and services. With better products and services, we contribute to the enrichment of internal and external lives of consumers, and lead the customer satisfaction. Nongshim Philosophy: All is possible throughout „Farmer’s Heart“ If things are done with patience and go with the flow, the desired result will be there as the world becomes heartless, a farmer’s heart should be restore

OTTOGI Corporation

Ottogi, we are passionate to provide the best taste

Each and every member of Ottogi is committed providing ‘Better Quality, Higher Nutrition, and Advanced Food’, and improve the dietary habits of all mankind. From production to sales, including management and research, every member is focused to perfectly execute their jobs, and dedicate to sustain a bright and delightful working environment. These efforts form the nucleus of the best quality and the best taste.


In 1968, what began with some packs of dried squid inspired the unlikely launch of an import and distribution company that would span two generations of mouth-watering success. Today, our family business is based outside of Baltimore, Maryland and serves customers from Chicago to Texas and beyond. In addition to squid, we are proud to import over 4,000 Asian foods – ranging from the rare to the everyday – across dry, refrigerated, frozen, and non-food categories. For over 40 years, we’ve sourced authentic ingredients from every corner of Asia. We are delighted to offer all of our customers the single, most extensive selection of authentic product in the market – and also, the most delicious. We like to think that we add spice to others’ lives.


Sempio was established in 1946, with its name standing as the oldest registered brand in Korea. Since the beginning, the company has been dedicating itself to manufacturing fermented food products – mainly soy based sauces – which are essential in the field of Korean cuisine. The quality and taste of the products are what gained our reputation as the country’s number one household brand. Remaining faithful to the philosophy of its founder, “I will never produce or sell products that my family would not eat,” Sempio puts special emphasis on food safety and health. This led Sempio to a number of quality and safety certification, most of them qualified for the first time in this field.

Sempio seeks to contribute better values to a tastier and healthier lifestyle. For this the company established Korea’s first R&D center that specializes in fermentation and actively collaborates with influential professionals in this area.

Internationally, we export to over 76 countries throughout the globe, with branch offices strategically placed in the most influential countries in the culinary field: the United States, China and Spain. From these branches we maintain close relationship with local chefs to research ways to promote a more dynamic food culture.

Our mission is to continue exploring knowledge on different food cultures, in order to develop products that would help expand everybody’s culinary horizons.


삼양식품 (주) Samyang Foods Co., Ltd.

will open a new future for the food industry with passion and challenge for food.

Since its foundation in 1961, Samyangfoods has dedicated itself to the food business and pioneered new areas of the Korean food industry. Samyang Ramen, Korea’s first instant noodle, has established a new food culture by establishing ramen as a second staple, and is leading the K-FOOD craze through Buldak Ramen, which has grown into a world-class brand.